During my Ekalavya – Summer Internship at IIT Bombay, from June 2017 to July 2017, this project titled ‘Fingerspelling’, which is a gesture based application for teaching Indian Sign Language (ISL) to the hearing and speech impaired was developed.

The application has three modules : Learn, Practice and Test. Use the link for more details : Click here

GitHub Links:
Fingerspelling for ISL

The learn module provides a game interface, where the learner can learn the language through an animated gesture library. The practice and test module use computer vision to detect the gestures and give the text output.

Interactive Virtualization of Monuments of Tamilnadu

This is an educational project being funded by theTamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology. This application is being developed for the school students of Tamil Nadu to learn Tamil history by enjoying it.

The screenshot below is a Work-In-Progress image which shows Valluvar Kottam in an Interactive Environment. This application for Valluvam Kottam is expected to be completed by the end of April.

Interactive ArchViz – VR

A Virtual Reality based android application for architectural visualization and education. The application allows the user to interact with the environment, such as opening a door, switching on lights and many more. It also provides realtime alternatives for properties seamlessly. Examples : Changing the material of the floor, Changing the type of furniture.

IVR Based Email System with Punctuation and Grammar Fix for the Visually Impaired

An Email assistant for the Visually Impairedwhich is based on Interactive Voice Response. The web application recognizes voice commands for interacting with the application. It’s like Siri for creating emails on a browser. The application works in a Questionnaire format. It can format the mail, fix grammar and add punctuations too. Check out the GitHub link attached below.

Github Link : Click Here

SIMPLE – A 3D Game for PC and Consoles

SIMPLE is an upcoming episodic adventure game. It is a 3D game being developed using Unreal game engine and Blender 3D. My friend and I have been working on this game since 2016.

Watch the Teaser Video :

Sample screenshots:

Virtual Chemistry Laboratory

Students at school do not get enough hands on experience in laboratories. This application is aimed at giving them an almost real laboratory which is virtual and provides chemistry reactions and is interactive. This is an educational game being developed using Unreal Engine.

Punch The Monkey

Punch The Monkey is an Android and ios game released in 2016. It is a 2D game developed using Adobe Animate. Check out the links below.

Click here to go to the Google Play page

Click here to go to the itunes page