3D Graphics

These are few of my 3D works put on online forums.

  • These two images are from the 3D game I have been developing.
  • These chocolate models were made to create a poster out of it for a chocolate business.
  • These are few of the images which were posted on the Discussion Forum when I worked as a Teaching Assistant for the IITBombayX MOOC ‘Basic 3D Animation using Blender’ (18th February 2016 to 12th December 2017)

2D Graphics

These are sample images of 2D games I am working on.

  • This game titled ‘Battman’ is a 2D side scroller game for Android and IOS devices. Game engine used for this game is Unity.
  • ‘Punch The Monkey’ was released for Android and IOS in August 2016. Adobe Animate a.k.a Flash, was used to developed this game.
  • Major Masher (first two images) is a 2D game being developed to run on web browsers. Adobe Animate a.k.a Flash is being used to develop this game.
  • Driller is a 2D game being developed to run on mobile devices. Engine used is Unity.

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